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High Intensity Phototherapy Device

SMARTLUX delivers healing power and energy of light composed of red, blue, yellow and IR with high-intensity SLDs (Super-luminous diodes) developed by SMART Phototherapy technologies. From wound healing and pain relief to improvement of dermatological conditions, anti-aging treatment, a boost to skin’s radiance, SMARTLUX effects exceptional results with its various wavelengths selection and wide variety of irradiation angle.


  1. Light penetrates into subcutaneous tissue.
  2. Mitochondria absorb the photon light energy and they are energized.
  3. The stimulated mitochondria produce more ATP, which stimulates cells to be reproduced faster and function lively like younger cells.
  4. The super luminous light promotes cell wall exchange and stimulates the microcirculation of blood. By increasing cell reproduction and improving blood circulation, more collagen and elastin are produced, which leads to reduce wrinkles and decrease healing time. Skin will look younger, plumper and healthier within 2-6 weeks.


  • Keratinocytes
  • Acne
  • Post-plastic surgery
  • Bruise
  • Edema
  • Vascular Lesion
  • Hair Scalp
  • Skin recovering
  • Wound healing
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Pain Relief

Technical Specifications

Type Diffusion Brand
Composition All in one type
Lamp Type Multiple Lamp Type
(A lamp has three lights)
Head Options Head1 (Blue + Red + IR)
Head2 (Yellow + Red + IR)
Head3 (Blue + Red + Yellow)
Number of SLD Head1: 4,320EA (1,440EA per color)
Head2: 4,320EA (1,440EA per color)
Head3: 4,320EA (1,440EA per color)
Wavelength Head1: Blue-420nm/Red-635nm/IR-830nm
Head2: Yellow-590nm/Red-635nm/IR-830nm
Head3: Blue-420nm/Red-635nm/Yellow-590nm
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