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JUVELOOK stands distinctively as the world’s exclusive poly-D, L-lactide specifically formulated for applications across the full face, neck, and neckline areas. The cutting-edge composition of JUVELOOK seamlessly blends the lasting collagen-producing capabilities of PDLLA (Poly-D, L-Lactic Acid) with the hydrating and rejuvenating advantages of HA (Hyaluronic Acid). Together, these elements work synergistically, paving the way for revitalized, youthful skin.

New Generation Hybrid Collagen Skin Booster

Treatment Indications

  • Skin booster(rejuvenation)
  • Pore tightening
  • Skin texture improvement
  • Pigment of skin treatment
  • Flushing of skin treatment
  • Fine wrinkles treatment
  • Fine scar(acne scar) treatment
  • Neck wrinkle treatment

Technical Specifications

50mg Lyophilised Powder

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