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Elogio Asia seeks to be a trend-setter by engaging in beauty-related research and development so that we can help our customers obtain and achieve optimum results.
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*For sale only to Malaysia Healthcare Practitioners
The completely redeveloped, modularly designed MeDioStar® offers more of everything. More power, more precision, more flexibility and better service.

Not only technically capable and ergonomically functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and well-balanced – that’s the new MeDioStar®.

It offers more power, shorter pulses and higher speeds. The device and handpiece cooling system is even more powerful. Two handpieces can be connected simultaneously. The trolley is more flexible and will be able to be fitted with new high-tech modules in the future. The new Monolith handpieces are stronger, lighter and more ergonomic. The wireless footswitch is more convenient, while the new service features make the system even easier to maintain.

All Monolith handpieces are moulded from one piece and have been designed from scratch. Perfect ergonomics allow for optimum handling and more effective treatments. They are lighter, more ergonomic, sturdier and more flexible than their predecessors. Compact, elegant, futuristic.

The New Era of Handpieces

The new, lightweight and ergonomic Monolith hand-pieces are setting new standards in aesthetic laser medicine. The specially developed technology, design and treatment concept featuring a 360° contact skin cooling system as well as exclusively selected materials enables a long service life and absolute safety.

  • New, intuitive user interface
  • Two handpiece port system
  • More power, shorter pulses
  • New and highly efficient device cooling
  • Revolutionary mechanics
  • Comfortable. Safe. Modern.


  • Hair Removal (All skin types)
  • Vascular Treatments (Spider veins, Telangiectasia, Haemangioma, Port-wine stains)
  • Acnes Treatment
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • White & Tight

Technical Specifications

Device Model Table-top device (optional with trolley)
Display 10.1″ LCD display
User Interface Touchscreen
Cooling Internal cooling circuit
Door Interlock Connector 12 V DC/max. 20 mA
Laser Warning Lamp Isolated relay contact
max. 24 V / 1 A (normally open contact)
Permitted Ambient Conditions Temperature: 15 °C to 30 °C
Rel. air humidity: 10 % to 85 % (non-condensing)
Altitude: max. 2000 m above sea level
Permitted Transport & Storage Conditions Upright standing position (do not lay it on its side!)
Temperature: 5 °C to 50 °C
Rel. air humidity: 10 % to 90 % (non-condensing)
Dimensions 410 x 650 x 480 mm (W x D x H)
without handles, handpiece holder and trolley
Weight Approx. 45 kg table top device
Approx. 65 kg with trolley

Subject to technical changes.

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