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Gold Ice Cube

Gold Ice Cube




Topical Painkiller

Ice therapy is the use of cold for therapeutic purposes. It can be useful in treating skin disorders and finds application in cosmetics and aesthetic medicine.

The Advantages

It maintains effective temperature for a long time

Laboratory tests show that Gold Ice Cube maintains the effective temperature for more than 30 minutes.

It does not drip

Gold Ice Cube is a solution made up of an eutectic mixture inside a container with an ergonomic shape, made of non-toxic material.

It can be reused

Gold Ice Cube is reusable; it is a patented product with a registered trademark.

It has an ergonomic shape

The sides of Gold Ice Cube are designed and shaped to easily adapt to the curves of the face and body.

Ice Therapy can be used to:

+ Confer local anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling actions
+ Stimulate blood circulation
+ Cool and tone up the skin
+ Fight the early signs of aging
+ Close dilated pores
+ Soothe puffy eyes and combat under-eye bags
+ Obtain effects of vasoconstriction


Medical Beauty Treatments

  • Before and after filler & lasers treatments
  • Before and after lip treatments (tattoos, regeneration)
  • Before and after biostimulations & biorevitalization
  • Before and after aesthetic & regenerative medicine treatments
  • Before Mesotherapy
  • Before botox injections

Beauty Treatments

  • Before and after Epilation & depilation
  • Before and after Face cleansing treatments
  • Before and after Aesthetic tattoos (eyebrows, lips, eyeliner)
    aesthetic & regenerative medicine treatments
  • Before and after Couperose skin treatment
  • Reduction of eyelid swelling
  • Under-eye bag treatment

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