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Acoustic Wave Therapy

HP50 is for the treatment of facial wrinkles and cellulite. A new innovative treatment method for aesthetic and cosmetic anti-ageing medicine, AWT was initially used for medical purposes such as fragmentation of kidney stones. However, over years of studies and research, AWT has also developed to help aid in other various aspects of therapy.

Cellulite is caused by parallel structure of the collagen fiber bundles and the tendency for fat cells to bulge together causing them to rise to the outer layers of the skin. AWT reduces these probabilities by stimulating fat breakdown in the cells while enhancing the elasticity of connective tissue fibers and improving skin tone. As a result, AWT helps decrease the visible sign of cellulite within the body and the appearance of dark dimples and bumps.

AWT stimulates the fat cells and as a result fatty acids and glycerol are released through our bodies and accumulate in what is called the intracellular space. These metabolic wastes are then removed from our bodies by AWT increasing lymph flow and blood flow Combining this with proper diet, nutrition, and exercise will benefit the patient’s body to increase in tone and shape.

The notorious deep nose/cheek wrinkles that consume our face as we age can easily be treated and managed with AWT. Wrinkles are direct results of the decreased elasticity of dermal fibers which shows up stimulate fibroblasts deep within the skin to help continue the process in which collagen and elastin produced. This results in greater cell renewal to improve skin density and elasticity.


  • Stimulation of microcirculation (blood/lymph flow)
  • Improvement of tissue elasticity
  • Release of growth factors
  • Stimulation of cellular metabolism
  • Stimulation of stem cells

Technical Specifications

Display LED
On/Off Button Hand Piece
Shockwave Generation Pneumatic
Energy Density 1~4 bar (Max-0.22mJ/mm²)
Depth of Penetration 0~40mm (Max-65mm)
Pulse Frequency 1~15 Hz (4bar, Max 9Hz)
Transmitter 015mm, 035mm
Weight 8.9kg
Housing Dimensions (W)400mm x (D)500mm x (H)180mm
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