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Rejuran Cosmetics

Rejuran Cosmetics




Natural Healing Cosmetics with PDRN®

REJURAN’COSMETICS have been developed with the help of experts who have studied cosmetics and skin for a great number of years.

In particular, based on expen understanding of skin care treatment, REJURAN’COSMETICS have been developed with select organic ingredients along with c-PDRN” that is good for health of skin.

REJURAN’COSMETICS healing care set is optimized cosmeceutical for moisturizing, anti-oxidant, nutrition and calming effects that are essentially needed for the healing of damaged and aged skin.


Ingredients ( c-PDRN® + organic ingredients )

c-PDRN® (cosmetic PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide)

As a specific standards of DNA fraction extracted from salmon by using patented technology, It is a skin improvement activator that transforms damaged or aged skin into young and healthy skin by providing skin elasticity.

c-PDRN® keeps your skin elastic by stimulating production of collagen compared to control groups in every single concentration.

Rejuran Skincare Line

Rejuran Turnover Ampoule - 10ml
c-PDRN | Blackberry Leaf Extract | Sodium Hyaluronate

Premium rejuvenating solution containing 5,000 ppm of highly concentrated c-PDRN. With tested efficacy, this ‘Return Ampoule’ returns your skin to its natural healthy state.

Rejuran Rebalancing Toner - 120ml
c-PDRN | Tea Tree Extract | Gluconolactone (PHA)

Exfoliate & Recondition | Even Skin Texture

This re-balancing toner gently removes impurities and reconditions skin. Leaves skin perfectly even, soft and supple. Skin feels smooth and completely comfortable.

Rejuran Refreshing Emulsion - 45ml
c-PDRN | Biosaccharide Gum-4 | Ceramide NP

Hydration | Instant Glow | Reinforce Barrier Function

This emulsion fuels your skin with bursts of hydration while revitalizing the skin for an instantly glowing complexion.

Rejuran Nutritive Cream - 50ml
c-PDRN | Shea Butter | Jojoba Seed Oil

Nourishing Elasticity & Firmness

A rich face cream that nourishes the skin with moisture, while maintaining elasticity and suppleness.

Rejuran Turnover Cream - 50ml
c-PDRN | Biosaccharide Gum-4 | Ceramide NP

Hydration | Radiance | Reinforce Barrier Function

A ‘Turnover Cream’ can help soothe your skin back to comfort and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier.

Rejuran Hydro Gel Cream - 50ml
c-PDRN | Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract | Sodium Hyaluronate

Hydration Layer | Refreshing

A cooling, hydrating gel cream formulated to hydrate and refreshing skin, while retaining moisture for dry skin relief.

Rejuran Mask - 40ml
Infused Active Ingredient | c-PDRN | Grape Fruit Extract | Asparagus Officinalis Stem Extract

Immediately after facial treatment | Soothing

A ‘Heaing Mask’: its ultra-microfiber sheet infused with the active ingredient adheres closed to your skin relieving sensitive skin after facial treatment and external stressors.

Clinic Skincare Line Regimen

Rejuran Concentrate - 30ml
c-PDRN” 0.4% + organic ingredients 88%

Wrinkle improvement functionality

An essence that contains highly concentrated skin active components to care for sensitive and aged skin.

Rejuran Moisturizer - 40ml
c-PDRN® 0.2% + organic ingredients 84%

Wrinkle improvement functionality

A great moisturizer that is good for daily skin protection thanks to its outstanding moisturizing and antioxidant functions.

Rejuran Eye Gel - 15ml
c-PDRN0.2% + Organic ingredients 95%

Wrinkle improvement functionality

Intensive care for eye wrinkles Eye Wrinkle Rejuvenator

It is a ‘special eye healing care solution’. c-PDRN® and adenosine strengthen the elasticity of the wrinkled and dulled eye area and protect the eyes area with hypoallergenic base using USDA certified ingredients providing smooth and bright eyes area.

Rejuran Healing Cream - 50ml
c-PDRN” 0.2% + organic ingredients 86%

Wrinkle improvement functionality

A healing cream that invigorates sensitive and aged skin by supplying it with moisture and nutrients.

Rejuran Sunscreen SPFSO+, PA+++ 50ml
c-PDRN” 0.2% + organic ingredients 66%

UV light blocking functionality

With no white cloudy phenomenon, this sunscreen protects sensitive skin from UV rays.


  • Beauty of inner skin
  • Skin Healing for health of skin
  • Tired and aged skin
  • Needs intensive and fundamental skin treatment

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