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Elogio Asia seeks to be a trend-setter by engaging in beauty-related research and development so that we can help our customers obtain and achieve optimum results.
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PharmaResearch International Grand Symposium

PharmaResearch International Grand Symposium


In conjunction with PharmaResearch Products’ (PRP) 25th anniversary, Elogio was invited to attend a 2-day International Grand Symposium organised by PRP to learn from experts across the globe as well as visit their factories to see how their products are manufactured.

We had the opportunity to learn how salmon DNA is harvested at the Salmon Festival in Yangyang. We were also given a tour around PRP’s main headquarters located in Gangneung.

On the final day of the symposium, Elogio Asia was awarded with a 5-star plaque of appreciation. Dr Lam Bee Lan also shared about her Rejuran experience and the protocols she used for her clinical applications.

Thank you PharmaResearch for your generous hospitality!