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Elogio Asia seeks to be a trend-setter by engaging in beauty-related research and development so that we can help our customers obtain and achieve optimum results.
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Pink Intimate System

Pink Intimate System




Every woman should feel good about her body even more in her intimate and delicate parts.

Pink Intimate System is the ideal non-invasive solution to regain the youthfulness and firmness, lost over the years, not only for the external vaginal tissues but also for the nipples, armpits and groins.

This innovative system is the first peel that lifts, whitens and rejuvenates the intimate and delicate areas allowing each woman to feel more positive about her body, improving self-confidence and the beauty.

Pink Intimate System is safe and effective.

Results are guaranteed after simply applying the product during one session. It doesn’t require any special precautions for use and the procedure is quick and gentle.


  • Vaginal area: mons pubis, labia majora, perianal region (whitening)
  • Armpit and inguinal area (whitening)
  • Nipples (whitening)

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