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Elogio Asia seeks to be a trend-setter by engaging in beauty-related research and development so that we can help our customers obtain and achieve optimum results.
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A True Expression Of Scientific Artistry

*For sale only to Malaysia Healthcare Practitioners

Created as the perfect synergy between science, beauty and art, Maili is the natural partner for technically gifted professionals to refine their craft with precision and care.

While working with the finest minds in Swiss science to evolve the landscape of fillers, MaiLi patented the world’s first OxiFree™ technology to preserve long molecular HA chains. A transformational process enabling a highly efficient crosslinking of HA with 1,4-butanediol diglycidyl ether (BDDE) – creating a supremely supple, springlike gel with outstanding volume, projection power and longevity.


Harnessing the power of the world’s first OxiFree™ HA technology, MaiLi actually uses less filler for unparalleled volume, suppleness and projection power with supreme longevity throughout the range.

MaiLi, the only HA OxiFree™ brand where less filler means more fullness and flexibility

Smooth, contoured, sculpted, defined, shaped, enhanced, volumised, rejuvenated, authentic, refined

Like soft, flexible and elastic skin tissue – working with natural movement and expression

Soft and supple beneath the skin as opposed to more rigid or restrictive fillers

Treatable Areas

  • Temple and lateral brow (Volume)
  • Malar and nasolabial fold (Define)
  • Jawline (Extreme)
  • Tear trough and palpebral malar groove (Precise)
  • Lips (Define

Technical Specifications

Please reach out to your respective Sales Personnel for more information.

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