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HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

V-MAX helps to improve wrinkle, skin elasticity and appearance of lines and to form collagen.  HIFU thermal energy at 65℃ is delivered into SMAS layer (about 3.5mm~4.5mm) in the face skin and it contracts skin muscle layer. Moreover, V-MAX enables to do obesity treatment by melting fat layer which is in between 10mm~20mm depth in the body skin.

Probe-rubbing methods enable easy and particular region operation with less pain. As it is equipped with the Probe (3.5mm/4.5mm) which is the most widely used in HIFU equipment, it can be used for both facial and body treatment. By adopting a self-cooling method, not a cartridge-changing way which is widely known in the market in normal HIFU devices , V-MAX can be used for a long time without replacing a consumable cartridge (Durable handles). Probe-rubbing methods enable easy and particular region operation. Easy control though user friendly interface on 7 inch touch LCD.

V-MAX HIFU focuses energy shortly and intensively on the target area while rubbing probe, it makes less pain than other HIFU brands. Various shot intensity, shot time and shot interval can be adjusted by user’s purpose.


  • V-line Lifting
  • Skin Elasticity
  • Wrinkle Care
  • Destroy Fat Cell
  • Cellulite Removal

Technical Specifications

Model No. Vmax
Electrical Power 220V/60Hz
Power Consumption 100VA
Dimensions L200 X W397 x H370 (Main unit only)
Weight 12kg
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