About Us

Elogio Asia was incorporated on 28th January 2003. The original intent of starting this company was to provide the aesthetic and beauty market skin care products that really work and beauty equipment that meant to achieve results. At that time, there was a lack of good quality beauty products and aesthetic equipment in the market that work and achieve the desired results for customers. Elogio Asia is constantly looking out for such products and equipment that can enhance the total body wellness and achieving vitality to the body health from top to toe. Elogio Asia positions herself not only as a product distributor in the region but also a beauty and wellness concept provider where we specialize in providing our customers, salon owners and aesthetic doctors, unique concepts and protocols in treating their customers and patients satisfactorily achieving the results they desire. We offer solutions by creating concepts that target the very core problem areas faced by the customers. Elogio Asia seeks to be a trend-setter by engaging in beauty-related research and development so that we can help our customers obtain and achieve optimum results. We are now representative and sole distributor to Asia for some of the best quality and well known products and equipment from United Kingdom, Korea, Spain, Italy and Japan.

Elogio Asia is also a company that instills social responsibility to the society by involving and supporting in community projects. We also inculcate mutual respect amongst staff by listening and caring for one another so as to make the working environment conducive, stress-free and enjoyable. We hope as the Company grows, the staff who is our important and main asset, will also grow with us.



Elogio seeks to be a Premier Therapeutic Medical Aesthetics Concept Provider in the Region.


To be a Medical Aesthetics Trend-Setter by Engaging in Aesthetic & Beauty Research and Providing Innovative Concept to Achieve Optimum Results.

Core Values

Elogio aims to celebrate success with our Stakeholders, our Staff, our Suppliers, our Society by embracing the following excellent and profitable Core Values:

Our Partners ‚Äď Our Aspiration

Stakeholders ‚Äď Results
We seek to provide Result-oriented concept to our Stakeholders with spot-on, speedy and smooth service with excellence.
Staff ‚Äď Respect
We seek to inculcate mutual Respect amongst Staff through listening and caring for each other.
Supplier ‚Äď Reliable
We seek to partner with Reliable Suppliers to build long term relationships based on product knowledge and quality to achieve profitable business venture.
Society ‚Äď Responsibility
We seek to instill social Responsibility to our Society by serving the needy and underprivileged.